Salam-GardeninnerGreyter Water Systems Selected By Salam Gardens – Oman

Salam Gardens – Oman

The Salam Gardens Condominium complex in Oman has 54 apartments and has impressive lawns and gardens. The buildings wastewater is regularly pumped out from the complex’ septic system.

Greyter Solution

The Greyter System was selected to capture and treat the greywater from the condo’s showers and baths so that it can be reused to meet the daily irrigation requirements of the complex’ gardens.  The Greyter Water System provides considerable operating cost savings by diverting greywater from the septic so that it can be used to meet the irrigation needs of the complex’ lawns and gardens. The Greyter System will allow for nearly 6,000 liters of water to be reused for irrigation daily and will eliminate more than two million liters of water sent to the septic system each.