“The system is saving us a great deal of water, it is very simple to maintain and has been running flawlessly since it was installed”

Allan LabrecqueBodystream Technical Director

“The product was installed without difficulty and the commissioning was complete without issue”

“The system is working great and most importantly the customer is very happy with the final product”

Stuart Randal, Premier Services Project & Safety Manager for US Army Project

“Ultimately, saving water by recycling it fit in perfectly with the marina centre’s eco-friendly concepts and technologies”

Gerald SarassinRed Rock Marina Manager

“The greywater system from Greyter contributed significantly to the project’s LEED credit score by reducing the amount of potable water used to transport sewage by over 60%. And by re-using the shower drainage water for flushing toilets and urinals, we anticipate saving more than 65,000 L of fresh water annually”

David J. McCullough, IBI Group P. Eng., LEED® A.P. Mechanical Engineer

“This building is anticipated to score as LEED-platinum”

“Mechanical systems included in the building, such as the Greyter System, will actually save about 60 percent of the cost of energy and water use as compared to other facilities”

Jim FennellArchitect, The Fennel Group - Colorado Springs Fire Station Project

“Greyter’s solution is working very well and maintenance of the system has been quite easy”

Trevor ChoffeOwner of BC Mechanical Services - Algonquin College Project

John’s presentation was engaging and very well received by our members. There was a lot of dialogue and I was pleased that we had members from across the spectrum of experience level and knowledge of sustainability issues in the audience.

Marci ReedExecutive Director, AIA Georgia, CFRE, MPA