U.S. Army Reserve Center

Greyter Water Systems Selected By Cannon US Army Reserve

U.S. Army Reserve Center

SGW Series System

Cannon US Army Reserve

With over 150 installations around the world, each being the equivalent of a small city, the United States Army has launched a strategy with aggressive goals to reduce the amount of water and energy used at these sites.  The Army’s “Net Zero” initiative is to manage installations not only on a net zero energy basis but with a net zero water and waste focus as well.  With this approach in mind and despite a challenging budget, the engineering consultants designed the Cannon U.S. Army Reserve Center in Denton, Texas to be built to LEED silver certification and to meet stringent EPACT 2005 requirements.

Greyter Solution

The $12 million, 37,000-square-foot facility will manage water more efficiently through the use of a Greyter Water Systems solution designed to capture greywater from showers so that it can be used for irrigation of the complex’ lawns Greyter Systems.

“The product was installed without difficulty and the commissioning was complete without issue. The system is working great and most importantly the customer is very happy with the final product” – Stuart Randal, Premier Services – Project & Safety Manager for US Army Project