Greyter Water Systems Selected By US Air Force – Clovis, New Mexico

US Air Force – Clovis, New Mexico

Fresh water is essential for Air Force operations. Thus, it has become the third pillar of the US Military’s Net Zero program, along with energy and waste. The Air Force also looks to improved water resource management in line with the Department of Defense Sustainability Performance Plan. The plan calls for a reduction in consumption of potable water from fiscal 2007 levels of 26 percent by fiscal 2020, and a reduction in consumption of industrial and irrigation water from fiscal 2010 levels of 20 percent by fiscal 2020.

Greyter Solution

The Greyter solution at the 42,000-square-foot Cannon Communications Facility was selected to capture and treat greywater from the building’s ten showers so that it could be reused for irrigating lawns.  It is expected that the system could conserve over 500,000 litres of potable water annually.