Aviva Tower

Greyter Water Systems is Selected for Aviva’s New Office Tower in Markham

The 12-storey Aviva Tower that is being built in Markham by Remington Group Inc., designed by Quadrangle Architects Limited, and engineered by Able Engineering will soon be the new home of Aviva Insurance Company and its 1,500 employees. A number of sub-contractors are contributing to the construction, including Lisi Mechanical. The building with incorporate a Greyter solution that will treat collected storm water for reuse onsite. Older areas of many municipalities rely on a combined sanitary-storm sewer system. When storms occur the overflows can disturb surrounding lakes, rivers and water treatment plants. This is a reason why many new commercial building developments throughout North America require stormwater systems that produce half the runoff had the site not been developed. In order to mitigate the water runoff on the city’s storm water management system, the Aviva Tower will have a storm water retention tank located beneath the building. Furthermore, in order to reduce the use of the building’s potable water usage, water will be drawn from the storm water cistern into the Greyter Water System where it will be treated and delivered to toilets and urinals for flushing. “We are excited to have been selected for this project”, said Chris Thompson, CTO of Greyter Water Systems. “In circumstances like these, where stormwater is already part of the structure, there is a great opportunity to reduce the capital costs of the entire water reuse system,” he continued.

Picture courtesy of Quadrangle Architects Limited