Mark Sales – Chief Executive Officer

Mark is co-Founder and CEO of Greyter Water Systems. Mr. Sales’ background provides for a combination of strategic, operational and financial experience. Mark is the Founder of CleanTEK Network which has launched businesses in the areas of clean air, clean fuel and water management. Mr. Sales sits on a number of boards and has held various operational positions with early stage businesses. Mr. Sales’ financial and investment experience spans 15 years having working at Merrill Lynch and Venture West Partners in Denver, Colorado. He is co-Founder and Chairman of renewable energy start-up Prodal-G Inc.

Greyter Receives Strategic Investment From Geranium Corporation

  • March 01, 13 | Mark Sales
Greyter Water Systems a leading provider of water recovery and reuse technology management solutions, today announced that Geranium Corporation has made a minority investment in the Company. Headquartered in Markham, Geranium Corporation is one of Ontario’s few fully integrated land development and building companies. Geranium  .....

Greyter Water Systems Acquires Brac's Greywater Recycling Assets

  • May 31, 12 | Mark Sales
Greyter Water Systems is pleased to announce that it has acquired the greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting assets of Brac Systems Inc. Globally, water conservation is becoming one of the most important issue of our time and greywater recycling is on of the greatest conservation devices on the market today, saving up  .....

Ontario Provincial Govt Approves Installation of Grey water Systems into 7 Schools

  • January 28, 11 | Mark Sales
The Ontario Ministry of Education has confirmed, as part of the Green Schools Pilot Initiative (GSPI), that Brac Systems' Commercial Greywater Recycling Systems will be installed into seven schools from various school boards throughout Ontario. Planning and site audits will begin immediately so all systems can be installed an  .....

Greyter Water Systems Water Management Technology was Selected by the Ontario Green Schools Pilot Initiative

  • September 01, 10 | Mark Sales
Since 2003, the Ontario government has invested $11.6 billion to make schools better places to learn. In partnership with the Ministry of Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Education is investing over $20 million to pilot a variety of innovative green products and technologies in over 150 Ontario schools through the Gree  .....