Title: Water Reuse Solutions and Best Practices for Commercial and Residential Buildings – A Decentralized Approach!

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AIA – 1 hr ConED credit LU|HSW 

OAA – 1 Learning Hour


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Details and Description:

Greyter Water Systems provides AIA, OAA and USGBC continuing education training courses on the topic of Water Reuse within Commercial and Residential Buildings. By recovering, treating and reusing shower and bath water for toilet flushing and rainwater for irrigation, a building can reduce its water and waste water costs by 30-40%.

Testimonial: “John’s presentation was engaging and very well received by our members. There was a lot of dialogue and I was pleased that we had members from across the spectrum of experience level and knowledge of sustainability issues in the audience.” Marci Reed, Executive Director, AIA Georgia and Architecture Foundation of Georgia, CFRE, MPA

During this seminar you will learn:

  • The benefits of onsite water reuse using greywater, storm-rain water and other sources of water for flushing, irrigation and other purposes
  • What is a greywater (graywater) recycling system?
  • What is greywater and what sources of greywater are most appropriate for re-use?
  • What are the best practices for design and how are greywater systems sized for various building types?
  • What are the plumbing requirements for installing a greywater system?
  • What regions in North America allow greywater recycling (State/provincial restrictions, water regulations and standards
  • Major components & functions
  • Cost and system maintenance
  • Installation process
  • What are the benefits of greywater recycling for municipalities, land developers, and home owners?
  • How can on site water treatment create incentives for builders and developers?

Speaker Bio: John Bell VP of Business Development, Greyter Water Systems

John is V.P. Business Development and co-Founder of Greyter Water Systems. John has been actively involved in the water conservation and greywater recycling industry since 2009. As a sustainable renovator and energy evaluator, Bell has worked in the construction industry for nearly a decade, project managing renovations and new builds. John was the former host of Discovery’s World’s Greenest Homes and is regularly sought out as a featured speaker at conferences and trade shows such as the North America Water Reuse Conference, Sustainability Applied, OCWA Technology Showcase and the Ontario Home Builders Association.