Product Sheet:

RWH – Rainwater Harvesting System

asdfasdfasdfThe Greyter Water Systems product line of Rain­water Harvesting (RWH) systems have been designed and constructed using the highest quality components to create a reliable system that will provide many years of trouble free service. The RWH system will be customized and pro­grammed to suit a locally sourced hold­ing tank or a custom build concrete hold­ing tank. The design of the holding tank should be water tight eliminating the risk of groundwater infiltration. The sophisti­cated rainwater system is equipped with a disinfection process that will effectively eliminate all microbiological contamina­tion of the rainwater while in storage, waiting for the free water to be used. Other leading rainwater harvesting sys­tems do not have a water management and disinfection system like the Greyter Water Systems RWH system and therefore are susceptible to microbiological contamination.


A roof area of only 2,000 square feet can provide approximately 1200 US gallons of water during a one-inch rainfall. With only one percent of the potable water we use every day is for personal consump­tion, the remainder is used to flush toilets, shower, clean, do laundry, irrigate, wash cars among other household chores. So why are we using fresh clean drinking water for other purposes when rainwater can be used instead? It just makes sense to harvest and reuse free rainwater.

Filtration                       Customer Supplied Storage                    Distribution & Disinfection                      Water Management

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