Greyter is featured in Better Builder Magazine

November 24th, 2016 – Greyter Water Systems was pleased to be featured in the latest issue of Better Builder Magazine.  Paraic Lally (V.P Business Development – Commercial Buildings) and Chris Thompson …Read More

Managing water resources more efficiently is fast becoming a priority in Ontario

When we decided to showcase Greyter Water Systems and the Greyter HOME greywater reuse solution at this month’s Association of Municipalities (AMO) annual conference, we were not sure what to …Read More

Running Low – Florida Water Issues

For generations, Florida has relied on the Floridan Aquifer as the main source of drinking water. However, this once pristine, inexpensive and abundant water source is depleting fast. Increased development, …Read More

From Tokyo to San Francisco, a new water management paradigm has emerged – Onsite water reuse is a key part of the strategy

Water is extremely important to the maintenance of our communities, our economic well-being and to our environment. The key challenge is that the management of water is not all that …Read More

California Purple Rain Bill

Bill AB-2282 & New Building Standards for Recycled Water Already a state with water shortages, California continues to feel the harmful effects of a terrible drought. Crops are failing, streams …Read More

Conserving Water in the Arid West – The Arizona initiative

Tuscon, Arizona receives a mere 10-12 inches of rain every year and the majority of that rain evaporates. According to the EPA, increasing temperatures that are expected in the future …Read More

Treating Greywater Cost Effectively While Protecting the Public’s Health

Concerns over reduced fresh water resources dry climates and overloaded and costly wastewater treatment facilities have forced utilities to look at water management from two very important perspectives: efficiency and …Read More

How Water Conservation Can Extend the Life of Over-Stressed Infrastructure

Water may seem like a limitless resource, but the fact is that the same quantity of water exists today as it did 100 Million Years ago. However, the demands on …Read More

Water Reuse 101!

Safe and adequate access to fresh water has become one of the pivotal issues of the 21st century. The price of fresh water is rising dramatically as demand continues to …Read More

The 4 key points when training a plumber to install a greywater system

If you’re a building engineer getting ready to install greywater recycling systems, you will be happy to learn that it is a fairly simple process. It is important that the system be installed …Read More


Simple Things To Remember Prior to Installing a Greywater System

  • January 24, 2014 | Chris Thompson
Greywater recycling systems capture and treat water from showers and baths so that greywater can be reused for flushing toilets. Proper installation is vital to isolate the grey water system from the rest of the plumbing and to ensure that grey water does not get back into the main water lines of the house. Installing a grey wat  .....